Tom Swift Reading Thursday, April 10 7:00 pm

Tom Swift, author of Chief Bender’s Burden, will read from and discuss his book Thursday, April 10chief-benders-burden.jpg, 7:00 pm at Monkey See, Monkey Read 425 Division St in Northfield, MN. Afterward, Tom will sign books and answer questions. Refreshments will be served.

Library Journal recently gave Tom’s book a starred review.

Signal thanks to journalist Swift for this authoritative biography of Charles Albert Bender, the early 20th-century pitcher who managed to shine in both the big leagues and in life while confronting poverty and racism.”

I am currently reading Chief Bender’s Burden. I highly recommend this book. Tom’s writing style makes this book a great read. The story is engaging and the game sequences are very exciting. Tom has recreated many of the games Bender pitched for the Philadelphia Athletics.

The book is currently 20% off the cover price.


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6 Responses to Tom Swift Reading Thursday, April 10 7:00 pm

  1. Barry says:

    Terrific news, Monkey man. This is the best book I’ve ever tasted.

  2. Jerry Bilek says:

    You are always welcome to stop by and taste some books, assuming your owner’s paying. I prefer to read them as I find the flavor of books a little bland.

    I will say this about the book. It is a great read! This Swift guy has done a bit of research. Library Journal hit the nail on the head.

  3. E. Schned says:

    I’ve met Barry’s owner and he’s a complete tightwad. I’m telling you, don’t let that canine in the door. Your reference section will be gone before lunch. And I am aware you open at 10.

    I’ve read the book myself — you offer very generous commentary.

    By the way, do you wear that helmet indoors?

  4. Jerry Bilek says:

    It is important for booksellers to wear helmuts. I require it of all employees. We had an unfortunate incident last year. One of the booksellers was clunked on the head while reading a book on yoga. He claimed he was not practicing yoga on the clock, but I know better. Anyway, he is in Mississippi recovering, some form of therapy down there. Maybe you know him, he hangs out in front of Brett Favre’s estate hoping to get a job pulling weeds or something.

  5. E. Schned says:

    Leave it to the to the Wisconsinite to obsess over Brett Farve and weed.

  6. Barry says:

    I like to eat grass.

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