Dutch bikes vs. Africabikes

I read about Dutch bikes in Bicycling Magazine’s June issue.

“The Dutch bicycle is the model of sensibility: a one-speed with a completely encased drivetrain to keep your pant leg or skirt from getting soiled, and the chain from rusting; an upright handlebar so you can sit comfortably; metal fenders for the fiendish rain; a rear rack for panniers or passengers; a built-in bike lock; a wheel-powered headlamp; a loud bell for announcing your presence. All of this comes standard, and black is the customary color.”

I’ve posted two photos of a Dutch bike and the Kona Africabike for comparison purposes.  The design and utility are similar.  The Dutch use their bikes for 27% of their trips and 30% bike to work.  Americans bike less than 1% of the time.

Kona Africabikes are now available at Monkey See, Monkey Read for $299.00

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3 Responses to Dutch bikes vs. Africabikes

  1. jgodsey says:

    If i were there and i could afford one, i would buy one.
    good price, clever style.

  2. ibrahim binshahbal says:

    nice article.

  3. Da Cuzz says:

    Yeah, those AfricaBikes are killer and it’s for a great cause.

    Check it here: http://www.konabiketown.com and


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