The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo-Midwest Connections

Kent Nerburn blends history, humor, and heartbreak with a gripping mystery.  A perfect entry into the Native American world revealed in Nerburn’s previous award-winning books.MC.January.GirlWhoSangToTheBuffalo.Cover_-150x231

“Simply riveting. Kent Nerburn has the very rare ability to gently and compassionately teach in a respectful way. I love this book. And so does the rest of our staff.” – Susan White, manager of Birchbark Books

“A touching and enlightening pursuit of spirit.”– Chris Eyre, director of Smoke Signals

“With poignant prose and a compelling story, The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo demonstrates Kent Nerburn’s gift: not just to build bridges between the Native and non-Native world, but to transcend those differences with a narrative that speaks to the heart of the human experience.” – Anton Treuer, executive director of the Bemidji State University American Indian Resource Center

As with the novel Neither Wolf nor Dog, written 18 years ago, Nerburn visits the Dakota elder Dan and joins in the quest to understand the fate of Dan’s little sister, Yellow Bird, a girl with a mystical relationship to animals who disappeared into the Indian boarding school system. Delving beneath the myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes that make up so much of our understanding of Native life, Nerburn finds a world that “beats with a different and indomitable heartbeat.” Readers are swept up into a great story of the awe-inspiring communion of human, animal, and nature that underlies the many things we can learn from our land’s native people.


Kent Nerburn is the author of thirteen books on spirituality and Native themes, including Chief Joseph and the Flight of the Nez Perce (featured on the History Channel), Simple Truths, and The Wisdom of the Native Americans. He is a two-time Minnesota Book Award winner. He lives in northern Minnesota.

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