Welcome to the Monkey blog

The staff at Monkey See, Monkey Read took a vote and decided to start a blog. I lost and my punishment is to do the blogging. The purpose of the blog is to generate some book discussions. We’ll also announce store events, sales, specials, etc.

I should start with a few details about the store. Monkey See, Monkey Read is a bookstore. We sell new and used books, toys, and DVDs. What? New books? Yes, we do! The chains won’t be losing sleep over our massive selection, but it’s quality, not quantity right?

DVDs? Yes, yes, we have those as well. And bargain priced.

To kick it off, I’ll just mention what I am currently reading. Bill McKibben’s “Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future. ” Due out in March, 2007. McKibben’s latest is about local economies. I’ve finished half the book this weekend. McKibben can flat out write!

Check out our website.

2 Responses to Welcome to the Monkey blog

  1. E. Schned says:

    Does your store have a good yoga section?

  2. Stu Morgan says:

    How about cats? Do you have a good cat section? Stu

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