Monkey Read Poetry Project Poem #1

March 31, 2007

Rich DuRocher reading John Donne’s Sonnet #1. Poem #1 in the Monkey Read Poetry Project.

Monkey Read Poetry Project

March 31, 2007

April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate, we have decided to record Northfielders reading poetry. I will upload as many poems as possible in April. Check here daily to listen to a poem. If you would like to record one send me an email or call 507.645.6700.

click here to find out about a poetry reading in April.

Bill McKibben’s Deep Economy

March 30, 2007

deepeconomy.jpgI just finished reading Bill McKibben’s latest book Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future. McKibben has hit the nail on the head. In Bill’s world, more is not necessarily better. He challenges us to think about how we live.

As Americans, we have more stuff, but are we happier? Not really. We spend more money per capita on health care than EU nations, yet we are not healthier. We consume more energy and plan for that to grow, while the EU has pledged to reduce their usage. Energy costs continue to rise while our political leaders scream drill for more oil. Global Warming? Not a human problem according to some.

He replaces the word sustainability with durability. McKibben argues we need to move beyond growth as the economic model and move towards local economies to create a durable future. The folks at Just Food challenged us to eat local. McKibben spends year eating locally and describes it in detail.

I think this McKibben fellow is on to something.

Minnesota Poetry Reading

March 29, 2007

4222.jpgMonkey See, Monkey Read will host a poetry reading Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 7:00 pm. Five Minnesota poets will be at the store to read and discuss Minnesota Poetry. Robert Hedin editor of Where One Voice Ends, Another Begins: 150 Years fo Minnesota Poetry will be on hand to introduce Jim Heynen, James Armstrong, Ed-Bok Lee and Mai Neng Moua.

Monkey See, Monkey Read Book Club

March 10, 2007

There’s no better way to enjoy a great book than to gather with friendly faces and discuss passages, characters and writing that has moved you. That’s why I’ve decided to start the Monkey See, Monkey Read book club. The first meeting will be at 7 p.m., Monday, March 26. I hope you will join us.

For the inaugural selection, I have chosen one of my favorite books. Howard Norman’s The Bird Artist,on sale for $7.50, begins in 1911. Its narrator, Fabian Vas, is a bird artist. He draws and paints the birds of Witless Bay, his remote Newfoundland coastal village home. In the first paragraph of his tale Fabian reveals that he has murdered the village lighthouse keeper. Later, he confesses who and what drove him to his crime. As always, Norman’s prose, is spare and beautiful, and full of stark emotion. His first novel, The Northern Lights, was nominated for the 1987 National Book Award. The Bird Artist was nominated for the National Book Award in 1995. The Monkey See, Monkey Read book club will meet at 7 p.m. on March 26.

The Bird Artist

A classic story … All that is splendid and spectacular in the book is simply light, magically employed to seek out what is real.” -Richard Eder,
the Los Angeles Times Book Review
“Bewitching … glows like a night light in the reader’s mind.” -Michiko
Kakutani, the New York Times
“A terrific read by one of my all-time favorite writers.” –Jerry Bilek, owner
of Monkey See, Monkey Read


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