Tom Swift Reading Thursday, April 10 7:00 pm

March 14, 2008

Tom Swift, author of Chief Bender’s Burden, will read from and discuss his book Thursday, April 10chief-benders-burden.jpg, 7:00 pm at Monkey See, Monkey Read 425 Division St in Northfield, MN. Afterward, Tom will sign books and answer questions. Refreshments will be served.

Library Journal recently gave Tom’s book a starred review.

Signal thanks to journalist Swift for this authoritative biography of Charles Albert Bender, the early 20th-century pitcher who managed to shine in both the big leagues and in life while confronting poverty and racism.”

I am currently reading Chief Bender’s Burden. I highly recommend this book. Tom’s writing style makes this book a great read. The story is engaging and the game sequences are very exciting. Tom has recreated many of the games Bender pitched for the Philadelphia Athletics.

The book is currently 20% off the cover price.


Siri Hustvedt’s latest novel 20% Off

March 5, 2008

Northfield native Siri Hustvedt has written a new novel. The Sorrows of An American is scheduled for release on April 1, 2008. That is no April fool’s joke. It has been five years since the release of her last 359674.jpgnovel What I Loved. Copies of The Sorrows of An American will be available at Monkey See, Monkey Read for 20% off the cover price. Reserve your copy today.

The Sorrows of an American is a soaring feat of storytelling about the immigrant experience and the ghosts that haunt families from one generation to another

When Erik Davidsen and his sister, Inga, find a disturbing note from an unknown woman among their dead father’s papers, they believe he may be implicated in a mysterious death. The Sorrows of an American tells the story of the Davidsen family as brother and sister uncover its secrets and unbandage its wounds in the year following their father’s funeral.
Returning to New York from Minnesota, the grieving siblings continue to pursue the mystery behind the note. While Erik’sjacketaspx.jpeg fascination with his new tenants and emotional vulnerability to his psychiatric patients threaten to overwhelm him, Inga is confronted by a hostile journalist who seems to know a secret connected to her dead husband, a famous novelist. As each new mystery unfolds, Erik begins to inhabit his emotionally hidden father’s history and to glimpse how his impoverished childhood, the Depression, and the war shaped his relationship with his children, while Inga must confront the reality of her husband’s double life.
A novel about fathers and children, listening and deafness, recognition and blindness; the pain of speaking and the pain of keeping silent, the ambiguities of memory, loneliness, illness, and recovery. Siri Hustvedt’s exquisitely moving prose reveals one family’s hidden sorrows through an extraordinary mosaic of secrets and stories that reflect the fragmented nature of identity itself.


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