Three Little Words

August 26, 2008

Three Little Words
Reviewed by Chris Hager

A memoir can be a difficult thing to write. The author wonders which events to include and which to leave out. When it’s all done, will the reader care? In the case of Three Little Words, by Ashley Rhodes Courter the reader does.
The memoir begins with Ashley at the blissful age of three. She is reflecting on her life so far and the new life she plans with her family in Florida. The story suddenly changes, putting her mother and stepfather under arrest and leaving Ashley, along with her infant brother Luke, in the hands of the state. They live through out traumatizing years of foster homes and despair. Three Little Words is truly is an incredible story of Ashley’s hopes and perseverance.
For the most part I enjoyed this book. The story is written in a very real and personal account written in a style that both younger and more sophisticated readers will enjoy. The author fully describes all key characters in the story. It was also a fast read and held my interest.
Three Little Words provides a thoroughly accurate account of life and tragedy in foster home life. I felt it was a window into a world most people do no know. I would strongly recommend it.

Three Little Words is currently 20% off at Monkey See, Monkey Read.

2009 Africabike Available Soon

August 8, 2008

Kona will be making some changes to the Africabike for 2009. They have integrated the rack, added a front brake, switched to a new basket, added a bell, and switched to an urban friendly tire. The name will be Africabike One. With these changes comes a new price, $375. The three speed version or Africabike Three will sell for $449.

At Monkey See, Monkey Read, we are planning to stock the 2008 Africabike 2.0 for as long as we can get them. These currently sell for $299. If you’re thinking about picking up one of these urban assault vehicles, you might want to stop by soon as we have just one bike remaining. Happy riding.

Obama Visits Monkey See, Monkey Read

August 6, 2008

Senator Barack Obama arrived yesterday. If you’d like to meet him stop by. We don’t expect him to stick around very long.

The Senator arrived with his entourage. The gang’s all here, Albert, Vincent, Virginia, Ludwig and William.

Patrick Milan Reading Thursday, August 7, 7:30 pm

August 6, 2008

Local author, Patrick Milan, will discuss his new book, Inspiration Point, at Monkey See, Monkey Read Thursday, August 7, 2008 at 7:30 pm.

This self-help, meditative and inspirational memoir follows the author through his meager childhood in Lakeville, Minnesota, his unusual military service in Europe, and his retirement to run a Bed & Breakfast and small business in Ely, Minnesota. Along the way, he describes the stages of his spiritual awakening and his insights about individuals and their relationship to the Universe. While attempting to escape the responsibilities of his newfound profession as Innkeeper, he discovers a profound new world, “The Inner World of Peace.” He would also discover his true calling in life, that of an Inspirational Seeker Speaker to assist others in discovering their greatness. Reading “Inspiration” by Dr. W. Wayne Dyer is what gave him, self-permission to share his mystical stories in this book.

After graduation from high school, Patrick Milan worked as a laborer in a wide variety of jobs ranging from a fleet mate on the Mississippi River, to housing construction, to building communication towers around the United States. He wanted some adventure and challenge in his life, so at the ripe old age of twenty-three, he joined the US Army. For his first five years, he served as an Airborne Paratrooper and finished his last seven years as a diplomat in charge of the Special Liaison Detachment supporting the Nuclear Arms Control Disarmament Agency in Geneva, Switzerland. He is the founder and President of a nonprofit organization called The Peace Chair Foundation and most recently an author. Patrick has been married to his beautiful and loving wife Josie for twenty-five years and they have a twenty-three-year-old son Eric. One of his proudest accomplishments has been being involved with his son becoming a Boy Scouts of America “Eagle Scout.”


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